Prajje Oscar. Jean Baptiste, is a Haitian born, New York­ based fashion designer. Becoming a fashion designer was Prajje’s childhood dream, it became a reality when Prajje graduated from the prestigious Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.


Prajje opened his own fashion company, Prajje 1983, in 2003. Since that time he has received accolades in the press, on the runways of New York and on the red carpet. Prajje 1983 has been featured in some of the most prestigious publications and TV programs, such as ELLE Magazine, Arise Magazine, Teen Vogue online, The Boston Globe, , the Boston Herald, and Good Morning America. In 2014, Prajje had the distinction of presenting his first fashion show during New York Fashion Week to critical acclaim.


Prajje is a brilliant colorist, best known for his glamorous evening dresses, at once romantic, dramatic, and feminine. Prajje's understanding of the female form, his exquisite cut, and his subtle use of texture and body ­worshipping fabrics magnify the beauty of women who wear his designs.


Prajje Oscar. Jean­-Baptiste believes that his proudest moments are still ahead of him and sees each day as a learning experience – in his both native Haiti and New York City. He dreams of creating a new awareness of the beauty and vibrancy of Haiti and its artisan craftsmanship to his couture clientele, on fashion runways and to his retail partners internationally. 

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