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Revolution 1804 Scarf
Scarf in silk twill (100% silk) with hand-rolled edges .
Measures 34" x 34"

Designed by Prajjé O. Jean-Baptiste

This essential Prajjé Oscar accessory complements any outfit. Our Revolution scarf can be worn in many, easy ways - Around your neck, as a headscarf; in your hair, as a mask; or on a bag, as a fashion statement. Whatever the way, our scarf’s sparkling colors will instantly transform your look.



  • The Prajjé Oscar "Revolution 1804" scarf combines an eye-catching palette, luxury, tradition, and modernity. Its design is the fruit of the collaboration between Prajje Jean-Baptiste and world-renowned Haitian graphic artist and painter Philippe Dodard, whose work inspired American fashion designer Donna Karan's 2012 Spring collection. 

    “Révolution 1804” features Philippe Dodard's iconic “Roots of Freedom,” a portrait of Toussaint L’Ouverture, the Haitian general and best-known leader of the Haitian Revolution, combined with Prajje Oscar’s original print “Maîtresse”. The Prajje Oscar original print “Maîtresse” takes inspiration from Haitian Erzulie Dantor, mystical goddess of motherhood, in all its plenitude and beauty.